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Family Business

We are a family business. Appropriate that the name, RALLE (pronounced “Rally”), is an acronym encompassing the children’s names of Stephen and Moira Cox’s modern day Brady Bunch: Ryan, Ashley, Landon, Lanai, Erica. For centuries “rallying cries” have been utilized to motivate people after disheartening circumstances. The recession of the 2000’s was a disheartening circumstance for the building industry. For us “RALLE” embodies our motivation: family.

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We have a reputation for meticulously detailed craftmanship. Each home is custom built to suit your tastes and your lifestyle. When you partner with us to build your project you are getting more than a house, you are getting a home designed by us specifically for you.
Not only do we construct homes but we also complete large scale, high end renovations and remodels. Whether you have outgrown your home and would like to add some living space or simply achieve some updating while guided by our in-house designers, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Family History

For decades the Cox family has brought perfection in the building industry to their clients, RALLE Homes continues this tradition today. In 1968 Charles E. Cox and his family formed Cox Cabinet Company and began building high quality, custom built cabinets. In 1983 Charles created a market for poplar, oak and cherry interior wood products as an alternative to pine. Cox Interior was founded by Charles Cox, along with his wife and children, and has grown into an incredible, thriving business that remains in the family’s capable and passionate hands today.
Ever since those early days with his father, Stephen T. Cox has embraced a fervor for constructing fine items. From cabinets to trim to incredible custom homes, his love of architecture and building has brought him to become one of the most respected home builders in the Louisville area. His wife,Moira, has a family tradition just as rich with home building and her eye for design has been admired by many, leading to multiple award winning designs during her incredible career. Over the years nearly every family member has been involved in the family business.

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We are custom home builders. Each one of our homes are built to your specifications. With nearly 150 years of combined residential construction experience, our construction team here at RALLE Homes will build you a beautiful custom home while you guide our every step with your own vision of what you desire in your new home.
While every home we build is a custom home we have several floor plans that have proven popular among our home owners. If you want to see these homes in person you can visit one of our well known locations that we’ve built in such as Sanctuary Bluff, Lake Forest Legacy, or Arborgate Village.